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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Student Entry: Hope - Yazmin

Today in my creative writing class I learned about the HOPE chronicles. The HOPE chronicles is a program where anyone can write their hopes down.  We, the students in the creative writing class, have to interview different people and hear their stories they have to write down their hope. Any type of hope, whether it's for the world, friends, family, neighbors, or school, anything.  In the photography class there was a question that said, “If you can tell the world one message, what would it be?” and I think it relates to what I learned in creative writing class. It’s a difficult question to answer but I think the answer is to have hope, because without hope you can’t pursue anything, it's like giving up.  I think I’m going to like this class because one picture can send out multiple messages, there’s no right or wrong answer. Also we get to share out our perspectives, the way I’m doing right now, and I really like that.

By Yazmin Escalera

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